Get Tickets Now for Kevin’s ‘Virtual’ Show!

Trained by Penn & Teller, Guinness World Record Breaker, a rare standing ovation from Simon Cowell and “Four Yesses” from Britain’s Got Talent judges, Kevin has cut a unique path as a live performer since ceasing his Physics PhD, exploring the exotic space where science and magic meet.

He is now delighted to present his new virtual show, that has been described as ‘wondrously diabolical’.

Join Kevin for an intimate, close-up show over Zoom, as he performs tricks that have fooled some of the smartest people ever to have lived… Einstein, Jobs and more.

Despite being separated from his audiences by maybe 1000s of miles, this show is designed to be truly interactive. Be prepared to actively participate in the show! Ticket numbers are strictly limited per performance.

Suitable for ages 8+
Tickets cost £10 per ‘screen’. 

From Kevin:

I understand that things are pretty tough for lots of people just now so I’ve put aside a limited number of tickets for £1 (the booking fee) for those who can’t afford the full price at the moment. These aren’t available to buy online – instead please call the box office 0131 226 0006, mon-fri 9am-5pm ish.


18 DEC, 7pm(1hr) BUY TICKETS

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BEST MAGIC – Adelaide Fringe 2018
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Kevin has applied his ‘physics brain’ to the problem of performing live shows to an empty room and has worked out a number of novel solutions to get YOU involved in the act. Don’t think because you’re sitting 100s or 1000s of miles away, safe in your living room, that Kevin won’t be able to ask you to participate in the show! After all… that’s what makes it fun isn’t it?? We actively encourage your laughter, clapping and gasping and very much hope you’ll be an active participant! Our hope is that you will never have felt closer to the action!