Virtual Zoom Magician – Interactive Remote Magic Show

Magic over zoom has become a new phenomenon, but audiences now seek much more than a few tricks, however clever.

So, I uncovered incredible magic that’s fooled some of the most brilliant, clever and most creative people ever to have lived. 

Abraham Lincoln, Marie Curie, Einstein and others – they’ll all been fooled.

But would these same tricks fool you, your colleagues and friends, or your boss?”

A unique format, devised by Kevin for conferences, team-building events or just a surprise for your colleagues at a workplace or private party event.

Trained by Penn & Teller, Guinness World Record Breaker, a rare standing ovation from Simon Cowell and “Four Yesses” from Britain’s Got Talent judges, Kevin is a unique performer in demand all over the world.

Despite being separated from his audiences by maybe 1000s of miles, this show is designed to be truly interactive. Be prepared to actively participate in the show!

Occasionally Kevin performs THE TRICK THAT FOOLED to the general public. You can read the full review here.

Reviews from Previous Shows

“A Sexy Dr.Who” David Walliams
★★★★★ “Epic stunts”
★★★★★ “master illusionist” The Advertiser
★★★★★ “one of the star performances for this year’s fringe” HaveAGoNews READ FULL REVIEW
★★★★★ “the audience is left caught between gasping in awe and crying with joy” CreamMag READ FULL REVIEW
★★★★★ “had us all in stitches before concluding all his tricks to leave us wowed.” ThisIsRadelaide READ FULL REVIEW

BEST MAGIC – Adelaide Fringe 2018
BEST CABARET – Scottish Comedy Awards (nominee)

From getting out the taxi outside the theatre, to the buzz at the bar when you get your drink, to the moment you wait with baited breath just before the curtain goes up! There’s nothing like live theatre, that’s why in addition to a 5-star show, Kevin considered all of the subtle elements that make live events so special and worked them into his show.

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