Magicfest 2012 Programme Cover

Podcasts, The Magic Industry & Young Magician of the Year

I’ve never been one to work ‘for the industry’ i.e. making…

How to Write a Magic Show

(2006, 2008 and on the right 2019 - I've been writing shows…

Community Magic

One of the greatest perks of my job is being able to bring people…

What is Magic?

Guinness World Record Breaker Kevin McMahon

How to Break a Guinness World Record

Two days ago, the biggest event ever organised for young people…

EdFringe 2018 Recommendations

What a start to the Fringe. Week one is now over and it’s been…

Inspired Edinburgh – Interview with Kevin Quantum

Interview with Kevin Quantum Magician Scientist Hybrid with Inspired Edinburgh.

Magic Consultancy

"Magic Consultant" is one of the few jobs that peaks more interest…
Colour Changing Flowerbed

The Colour Changing Flower Bed

I don't think anyone has ever recycled wonder before, but I think…

Pickpocketing and The Disappearing Tie Trick

  Thanks to the wonderful lady at one event last…

Quantum Magic at the World’s Largest Festival

If you've never done the Fringe in Edinburgh before then you're…

Funny Turn with Stephen K Amos, Ed Byrne and others

Stephen K Amos, Ed Byrne, Tom Binns, Markus Birdman and me. All…

Quantum Magic Premieres at the Fringe

Having spent the first ten years of his adult life completely…

Guinness World Record for BIGGEST ever magic lesson smashed!

Delighted to say that we smashed the world record for the BIGGEST…
The Colour Ham

Edinburgh Fringe Festival with The Colour Ham

The Colour Ham is collaboration between a comedian (Gav), Magician…
Magicfest 2012 Programme Cover

Magicfest 2012 – a big success!

Delighted to say we had a fantastic 3rd MagicFest with over 5000…