2007 Summary

Jan-Mar 2007

The Edinburgh International Science Festival is taking up most of my time. A great fusion of performance and learning for kids and adults alike. Check out the website www.sciencefestival.co.uk for more information.

April and May 2007

Edinburgh Magic Circle has it’s open night on the 22nd May. I’ll be performing a new piece of ‘chav’ magic, wearing my burberry fez as always! It’s on at the pleasance theatre in Edinburgh, the renown fewstival venue and will be a great night of fun magic. Details on the Edinburgh Magic Circle website above.

Seen Derren Brown’s new show this month too. Was absolutely amazing. He has really made it as the UK’s most famous performer. The production of his show was a joy to experience and left me wondering ‘how the hell did he do that?!’.

July 2007

Have managed to get away to Dubai this month working out there at one of those posh hotels! I’m really excited. I had the pleasure of working with an excellent magician by the name of Ben Woodward. He is such an excitable man, and we had great fun amazing the locals and holiday makers alike. Ben is a good friend of my ‘Faking It‘ mentor Nigel Mead.

Highlights were appearing on the telly in Dubai on what can only be described as the UAE’s answer to lose women. Was a fun experience and I had a great time wowing the presenters. I also managed to persuade the local rag (Emirates Today) to do two-page spread about me performing out in Dubai. However, the pics were terrible and you’ve no chance of seeing them. So hah!

August 2007

Edinburgh festival month in Edinburgh right now, and the place has a real buzz about it. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to put a show on this year. Thanks to everyone who got in touch and asked though. It’s great that you enjoyed the show enough last year that you’d get in touch this year so enquire. However I have seen a number of excellent shows.

  • Pete Firman – excellent show highly recommended.
  • Ian Kendall – my mate Ian has put together his best show yet.
  • Dougie C – Excellent work from an up and coming glasgow talent. Watch out for the paintball finish! (I was scared)
  • Chris Cox – Radio 1’s Chris Cox was back in town with a much improved show! Well done Chris! (I really wanted to steal some routines, but alas I am too honest)
  • James James – doing his thing on the streets of Edinburgh. Always very popular.

September 2007

See Kevin perform live at the Stirling Castle of Magic (22-23rd Sep) and Aberdeen comedy club (6th Sep) Snafu!

Both events went down a storm. Thanks to everyone who email me saying how much they enjoyed the two events – Stirling Castle in particular. Mick Magic (Mark Fiskin – the organiser) done a great job in putting it all together. A big thanks to him and all the girls at historic scotland who were also on the team.

On the evening of the Stirling Castle event, I was lucky enough to sit down and have dinner with some of my idols in the magic world. Alongside Mark, Alex Proctor (a great glasgae magician) and myself were none other than Ali Bongo and Pat Page. Pat was one of my mentors from the Faking it show back in 2005 and it was great to sit down with him and catch up. He is one amazing magician. It was also the first time I had ever met Ali, and again it was a big pleasure for me. He is one of magic’s most creative minds, and just listening to some of his ideas really inspired me.

October 2007

I’ve managed to find 5 days off this month to have a break, so I’m off to see my good mate Andy in Denmark. I’ll be sure to bring a pack of cards with me to see if I can get as many free drinks over there as I do back here in the UK!

November 2007

Found myself travelling far and wide in the run up to xmas. My first time at Chepstow Racecourse, and performing up in Aberdeen also. Lots of miles, lots of fun.

December 2007

All magicians know that this time if year is hectic. The number of parties grows exponentially. I was lucky enough to have worked for a number of great companies including Crieff Hydro, G1 Group, Rothschild, Wood MacKenzie, Castle Computing, Riccardo, Gillespie MacAndrew, and many others. I didn’t manage to stop until after Christmas when my cousin Chris arrived from America. An extremely mild winter allowed us to go biking a Glentress and celebrate Hogmanay on Princes Street, Edinburgh in only a jumper.