2008 Summary

January 2008

Session convention woo hoo! I went along only to see some proper card magicians in action, these guys were amazing. I’m really in Awe, some of these guys have been writing original card magic for years and it’s just amazing to watch. Doubles, seconds, bottoms look natural. Seeing Will Houston’s FISM act live was quite an experience too. His original thinking, combined with a real flair for routining really set him out as a highlight. I also got a chance to spend time with my good friends Rob and Alan down in Hull. Hull was great but I did have a little issue with my laptop and ipod (touch – for insurance purposes) getting nicked. Fortunately all were returned via the insurance company after a record 2 weeks. Even more fortunately I backed up all my files on a external hard drive before I left.

February 2008

DUBAI for month! Thank goodness. My mum told me temperatures dropped below -8 degC this month back home. Fortunately I am spending the month out here in sunny Dubai. Not only that but the client has put us up in the FIVE STAR Kempinski Hotel at Mall of the Emirates. As I write three weeks have past and I’ve just about got a bit of a tan. Dubai is such a cultural melting pot. People from all over the world live and work together in a city full of oportunity and almost no crime. It’s great to be a part of it and allows a magician such as myself to perform magic to people who’s first language isn’t English. This has really honed my skills and forced me to use really visual magic and body expressions I may not have to use at home. The upshot is that I become a better magician.

March 2008

Nice and peaceful month after a hectic February in Dubai. A good friend of mine, Eck McCallum, got hitched on the 29th March and I was lucky enough to be an usher. Was a great day, it made a nice change to go to a wedding and not perform. Don’t get me wrong, I love magic and how it can affect people, but sometimes it’s nice to chill and not be centre of attention. I suppose with characters such as Eck and Terry (Theresa McCallum) it’s pretty hard to get all the attention anyway! A singer and an actor.

Performed at a lovely Highland wedding at the Tomdoun Hotel, Glengarry, nr Inverness. Was a spectacular settting for a nice intimate wedding of around 30 people. A magical performance fitted in really well with the dreak surroundings. Getting there was a nightmare though – talk about off the beaten track. It was single lane driving for a good hour. Really gave the place it’s isolated feel. I can understand why so many people escape up to Scotland.

Working at the Tall ship in Glasgow for another corporate gig and I can highly recommend this venue to any Glaswegians looking for a place to hold a party. Tried out some new tricks, but by far and away the best of the evening was the Rose productions for the ladies. How smooth is that!? In other news, I have just bought myself my first ever house. Probably at exactly the wrong time according to the doom and gloom merchants at the estate agents, but hey, it’s mine. No regrets. Well, unless prices go down alot, then I’ll be really pissed off.

I’ve also had the honour of working again in Dubai with the legendary magician Ben Woodward. He must be the funniest magician working in the UK. He’s just hilarious and so professional. Ben really knows if a routine will be funny or not, and if I’m busy you should really get in touch with him! A pity he’s so terrible at tennis. James Harrington is also working out here too, another great magician who is skilled enough to use a manipulation act in his closeup routine! His love of sambucca is only bettered by his popularity amongst the punters out here in Dubai.

April 2008

OK, big news, Edinburgh Festival 2008 is confirmed I will be performing with my good friend Alan Hudson at Zoo Venues (just up from the Pleasance for those of you who know Edinburgh). It’s a9pm start and the show runs from the 17th August to the 25th August inclusive. The show is called Magic to Get Girls By. As the title suggests, Alan and I will be taking a satirical look at the underground movement of magicians that use magic to pull the ladies! If you seen my show in 2006 then you’ll know that there will be lots of laughs and gasps just like usual. You can watch the video of my last fringe show here. The three minute clip will give you a real feel of the energy and fun I try to put into my shows!

Had the pleasure of meeting up with my Good friends Drew McAdam, Colin McLeod and Daniel Alexander. Firstly Drew, watch out for him on the daytime TV show Trisha. He’ll be using his interogation techniques, with a bit of mentalism no doubt, to extract information from the gormless participants of her show. Drew has told us how much fun it has been to be a part of, so I’ll be taking advantage of my magician hourly week to watch a few of the shows to see if he’s done us pround. Colin McLeod, decribed by Ian Rowland as ‘Mentalism’s next superstar’, is perhaps one of the most thoughtful performers I have met. He will be releasing some material very soon and magicians and mentalists alike would be well advised to have a look at it. And lastly my mate Dan! Congratulations mate! Dan is getting married in July, and the sly dog has invited me along. Daniel Alexander is a great guy, as inspiring as he is infectuous. Watching him perform is a joy. I just hope he does some public shows soon so people can appreciate his skills. But dragging him away from corporate magic will be some task! Hannah – you’re a lucky woman.

In other news, magic will be taking me to London, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Inverness and Glasgow this month. I’ve got all corners of the UK covered, so if you want Wedding Magicians give me a call.

May 2008

Alan was in town this month, (at my parents in Fife) and we got our heads down and started putting a motivation together for the show. It’s pretty tricky. Magic To Get Girls By is the title we have gone for. You can visit the site at www.magictogetgirlsby.co.uk Have a little look. May’s the start of the summer season for magicians and I found myself all over the UK. From London to Birmingham to Crieff. What a month. Lot’s of fun as usual though. Ben Woodward dragged my down to Kidiminster to work at a very posh 60th Birthday party. Amazing venue. I even found a use for my Delites. The waiting staff found that really entertaining – as did the guests!

June 2008

I have just managed to buy my first house using magic! Sort of. Card tricks and sponge balls have let me afford my first place, a two bedroom flat in the centre of Edinubrgh (Haymarket). It’s great to be in, but not so great tiling the bathroom. Next time I will definitely get a professional in to do all the dirty work, but I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome. As a first time tiler I done a pretty good Job! Thanks to Steve (flat mate), Olly (brother), Paul, Helen and Mary (sisters) for helping with the painting. The rooms all look great now.

A quiet month gig-wise – as I wanted to spend time doing up the house, but I still managed to perform alongside KT Tunstall (she is awesome) at a private gig she had in Edinburgh. She done all the hits to Edinburgh’s Hoi Poloi. The McDonald Brothers were there (let’s be honest, it’s not really a party without those guys), top Author Ian Rankin who loved the show, and Edinburgh’s very own IT guy, Phil MacHugh. I’m sure he is stalking me. I’ve seen him at 6 gigs in the last year! A graduation ceremony in Newcastle, corporates in London and a few in Scotland peppered the month.

July 2008

Edinburgh Festival preparations are now in overdrive. I am doing retention vanishes in my sleep. I even have a metronome to practice the rhythm, that’s dedication for you. Come along and see the show. It will be awesome!

Gigs in Worcester, Glasgow, London and Edinburgh. Worcester is Lovely by the way. Have never been before. My cousin Chris just got married, so stayed over in Birmingham with him and Issac. What a couple. Always a good laugh. They should get their own TV show!

August 2008

What a month! Edinburgh Festival Show a big success – 95% capacity for two weeks! Thanks to everyone who came – much appreciated.

December 2008

On the back of the successful shows in the Edinburgh Fringe, I was invited to provide magic along with London Magician Ali Cook at Edinburgh’s premier winter Cabaret Show – “White Magic” in the Spiegel Tent in Princes Street Gardens. Karen at the Guilded Baloon ensured the show was enjoyed by all. I had a great time and met the Fantastic “Drags Aloud”. The world’s funniest and most entertaining drag act. Along side the ladies were Etch and Sketch (professional Edinburgh Dancers), Clive Nicholas Andrews (fantastically visual clown), The hilarious Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre and host Phillip Dundas. The show received rave reviews, a four star from the Scotsman – notoriously difficult to please!