Kevin McMahon Magicfest

May 2012 – An Amazing Month!

May 2012 was an amazing month. Here’s why;

  • photoshoot!
    Worked with the ubertalented Matthew Beech to create some cracking photos. The one that you see here, dominating the page, was taken in the Elephant house in Edinburgh, the cafe that JK Rowling wrote much of Harry Potter. In my hand you may see the subtly placed MagicFest brochure!
  • headlined at the Stand Comedy Club, Glasgow
    Have always loved watching live comedy at the Stand in Edinburgh and Glasgow. This month I was lucky enough to headline with my comedy sketch group ‘The Colour Ham’. Maybe a fringe show would work…
  • tickets on sale for the Fringe
    The Colour Ham Fringe Show tickets are now on sale! Click Here to get more info about this show from the Fringe website
  • MagicFest tickets selling really well
    The BIGGEST and most AWESOME magic event in Scotland, now in its third year, over 5000 people will see live magic this summer in Edinburgh. Get your tickets now
  • weather was fab
  • birthday
    I turned the happy age of 32 this month. Having performed magic now for as long as I studied and worked as a scientist it’s a great time to reflect and I’m very pround of what I have achieved. Things are going really well, I work with amazingly talented and driven people who love what they do, I perform at wonderfully crafted events all over the UK, not to mention the Magic Festival that I’m fortunate enough to help run and create the vision for. Thanks to all those who have been part of it all.
  • mega load of gigs.
    Choca month, from the crazily warm highlands of Scotland (29 degrees!!) to beautiful Berkshire in England to the tranquil Lake District. This month I got to meet Sasha Barron Cohen at the Entertainment Awards in Glasgow, performed to almost 3000 people in 9 different hotels, 8 different castles and a ‘management centre’!